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    Melnic Recruitment for APRNs and PAs is focused on Advanced Practice recruitment for qualified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and Physician Assistant (PA) candidates. The Melnic  platform connects job seekers with healthcare recruitersMelnic recruitment provides free resume review, excellent candidate sourcing, and expertise in matching the best candidates to the jobs. For over 20 years, we’ve served our clients and candidates with integrity, expertise, and professionalism.

    Melnic for APRNs and PAs, Jobs & Recruiter SourcingMelnic for APRNs and PAs provides high-quality candidates, deep market knowledge, excellent customer service,  and lon

    g standing client relationships. In addition, Melnic has an excellent reputation among the NP and PA community for great candidate experience, advocates for the healthcare workplace, career resources, and supporters of ongoing education and training.

    Melnic Recruitment for APRNs & PAs works closely with hospital and clinic recruiters to help fill jobs quickly with the right candidates. Our hands-on personalized service and extensive experience enable us to identify a candidate’s special medical skills and match them to an opportunity that results in a successful placement for both candidates and employers. 

    Melnic for APRNs and PAs recruiter. Please see the pages below, or contact us.

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