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Actual Salary Averages for Advanced Practice Leader Jobs

Posted on January 25, 2019   |   by   |   Advanced Practice Provider, Advanced Practice Structure, Employers, Job Seekers, Leadership, Salary

Wondering how much you might earn in an Advanced Practice Leader job? We conducted a survey and the results are in!

Healthcare systems across the country are moving toward an Advanced Practice Structure. This approach is focused on creating systems and processes to recruit, credential, utilize, and retain the best APRN and PA talent. These changing staffing models help healthcare institutions continually improve operations and go after new initiatives.

Another benefit of the Advanced Practice Hospital is that we are seeing more APRNs and PAs step into key leadership roles in units and departments across the spectrum of patient care. These advanced practice leader job titles include “advanced practice manager,” “advanced practice director,” and “chief advanced practice officer.”

Advanced Practice Leaders Help to Elevate APRN and PA Roles

Advanced Practice Leader jobs combine clinical and administrative functions. Advanced Practice Leaders work with physician and nursing leadership to effectively integrate the role of the Advanced Practice Practitioner in hospital clinical staffing models. They often oversee other APRNs and PAs and have the opportunity to support and increase visibility for these roles within the organization.

Employers also benefit. Well-structured APP services often lead to a greater focus on patient care, more fully utilized APPs, and stronger healthcare teams. These benefits ultimately foster a safer, more effective, and financially-sound environment.

Salary Averages for Advanced Practice Leader Jobs

As more and more organizations develop Advanced Practice Leadership Structures, more APRNs and PAs are stepping into key leadership roles in units and departments across the spectrum of patient care. Most APPs who assume these roles have at least five years of clinical experience.

Advanced Practice Leader positions can vary considerably from organization to organization. The salary really depends on how the role is structured, where it fits within the hospital’s reporting structure, and the balance of administrative versus clinical responsibilities. Interested in stepping up to a leadership position? Here’s what you might expect to earn:

  • Advanced Practice Leaders and Managers: Salary range of $142,000 – $144,000.
  • Advanced Practice Directors: Salary range of $160,000 – $180,000 with a bonus of up to 7%.
  • Experienced Senior AP Directors: Salary range of $190,000 – $220,000 and additional paid leave of 20-30 days/year.

A good rule of thumb is:

  • Advanced Practice Leads receive 5% above their clinical salary if the lead works 80 % administrative time and 20% clinical time
  • Advanced Practice Managers receive 10% above their clinical salary if the lead works 60/70% administrative time and 30/40% clinical time
  • Advanced Practice Directors receive 30% above their clinical salary if the lead works 80 % administrative time and 20% clinical time

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Top Advanced Practice Leader Jobs for NPs, PAs and CNSs

Our Melnic jobs board has Advanced Practice Leader jobs. If you are an NP, PA or CNS who is considering a change, we welcome the chance to help you find your dream job!

5 thoughts on “Actual Salary Averages for Advanced Practice Leader Jobs”

  1. I do not see how one could generate that salary with the poor reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurances. Even with specialty practices and seen 20 patients a day I do not see where the salary could come near this amount. Especially with the significant amount of administrative time which really does not generate any revenue. Such is my case….. I certainly would appreciate learning how others are able to make this kind of salary happen for them, especially working in primary care.

    1. Good question, Ken. If you take the average reimbursement per patient, let’s stay $70, and a collection rate of 90%, and an average number of days worked of 230 and average number of patients seen per day of 24, then the average APP brings in $347,760. If the average payment is $40 and the average reimbursement is more like 60% then the total revenue from an APP is more like $132,480. If your contribution to overhead cost is 10% and they have a profit margin of 15%, then in the first example you can make anything less than $260,820 and the practice will make plenty of money. In the second example, you can make anything less than $99,360 and the practice will still make money. You most likely can negotiate a base of $90-$100,000 and then ask for 10% of the difference between what they collect on your revenue units and what your expenses are and this would bring your salary in line with the results we see in the salary survey.

  2. I have just retired after 40yrs of being a PA. I was awarded an Emeritus PA-C recognition by AAPA. I am not currently certified. I have a masters degree in Public Administration. In the distant past I was a director of a PA accredited school.
    Looking for administrative position. Certainly would consider being a consultant on a part time basis.

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