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APP Leadership Resources

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Advanced Practice Leadership Structure is a newer and evolving organization alignment model in healthcare.  Roles such as a Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) and a Chief Medical Officer (CMO) have been in place in organizations for a long time.  As the number of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) -collectively referred to as Advanced Practice Providers, or APPs- grows to over 60 in an organization, then the need for leadership at the organizational level becomes important. Organizations vary in their desire and acceptance of the need for APP leadership. They can be in the early phases of seeking out information on how to build an APP leadership structure or they may have been one of the early adopters in 2005-2007 and have a well established leadership structure. Regardless of an organizations current state, almost all organizations seek out information on APP leadership and management at some point when they get to a critical mass of APP employees. When organizations and APP leaders seek out information on developing and assessing the need for an APP leadership structure or seek resources to build processes, organizational leaders benefit from learning from each other and sharing resources. Melnic has created a repository of resources from a variety of contributors to help organizations and their leaders build a leadership structure and processes that align with their individual needs and goals. If you are looking for additional tools and resources or you would like to share what you have, please contact Jill Gilliland, President, Melnic at

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