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APRNs and PAs, How to Get Medicare Insurance, Are you Almost 65?

Posted on February 25, 2021   |   by   |   Job Seekers, Salary for APRNs and PAs, Work Environment

APRNs and PAs, How to Get Medicare Insurance, Are you Almost 65?

Learn how APRNs and PAs who are getting close to 65 can get set up Medicare Insurance. Or, if you are a temp contractor or own your own business, find the healthcare insurance that works for you.  Start early, that is the biggest advice our expert insurance agent, Connie Rach, wants to share with people turning 65.  She works tirelessly with people over the age of 63 as they prepare to receive Medicare Benefits.  

In an interview with Connie Rach, when asked, what do you do?

As a California health benefits insurance agent, I help people 

  1. Assess their health insurance needs
  2. Provide health insurance options 
  3. Help my client select the most appropriate and cost-effective solution 

Who can you help, who benefits from your services and why? 

I assist my clients in simplifying the confusing maze of Medicare and the health care system.

I help the following: 

  • Medicare clients
  • Individuals and families who need health insurance including APRNs and PAs who work as a 1099 contractor
  • Small businesses who want to offer employee benefits to their employees
  • I contract with most Major Health Insurance carriers in California and a few select states including BlueShield, Anthem, Kaiser, Scan, Humana, United Healthcare, Aetna, HealthNet etc.  I can help APRNs and PAs who practice independently, work as a  contractor in temp or locum assignments, or are getting close to 65 and want to prepare for Medicare coverage.  
  • I am also happy to help you find an expert insurance agent in your state. Please reach out and I direct you to someone who can take care of you!

I help with the following:

  • Covered California
  • Medicare
  • Individual and Family Health Insurance
  • Group Insurance
  • Dental
  • Vision

What is the cost of your services:

There is zero cost for my services. My services are free to use as your broker. My commissions are paid by the insurance carriers. I contract with most major insurance carriers.  I provide medication coverage analysis, a comprehensive review of coverage needs, and provide solutions to your needs.  

For APRNs and PAs who are 63 or older, it is time to learn more about Medicare.  

5 Steps to Take to Enroll in Medicare 

There are 5 steps you can take prior to turning 65 that will assist the process of  signing up for Medicare.

Believe it or not, around your 64th birthday, you can start the process of setting up your Medicare coverage.  

  • Step 1 – Create a login at SSA.gov . Review this valuable Medicare Checklist
  • Step 2 –  Set up a call with me to discuss what Medicare is all about and what to expect
  • Step 3 – Enroll in Part A  (Hospital) and Part B (Medical) coverage during your Open Enrollment period.  Your Open Enrollment period is 3 months prior to your birthday month, your birthday month, and 3 months after your 65th birthday. If you sign up for Medicare Part B when you’re first eligible, you can avoid a penalty
  • Step 4 – I will review the plans that cover your prescriptions and allow you to continue to see your doctors
  • Step 5 – We find the right plan that meets your needs

What do you specifically provide and what inspires you to help others this way?

I am dedicated to providing all my clients with the highest level of customer service. I will help you select the benefits that best meets your specific needs at the most affordable price. The U.S. healthcare system is increasingly complex and confusing. With a focus on finding the right solution for your health insurance needs, I provide responsive, advisory services, and a high level of customer service.  I am available throughout the year and keep in touch each annual open enrollment period to review your policy and make any necessary changes. 

Connie Rach

Health Insurance Benefits

360 E 1st Street #743

Tustin, CA 92780

Tel: 714-305-1674

Email: connierach@sbcglobal.net

License #0A98250

“No one can help everyone, But everyone can help someone”

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