Get Strategic: Job Search Tips for NPs and PAs

You could be missing out on over 70% of job opportunities! Use our job search tips for NPs and PAs to find your dream job.

Nurse with stethescope
Do you have the pulse of the job market?

Do you have the pulse of the job market? Job leads can come from different sources, so it’s important to have a solid strategy. Most job seekers start with job postings online, but statistics show that at least 70% of positions go unpublished.

To avoid missing out, be proactive! The following job search tips for NPs and PAs can help you expand the reach of your job search.

Identify Potential Employers

Make a list of employers who hire nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs). Good online resources include Google keyword searches, company websites, and online directories of healthcare clinics, hospitals, and offices in your area. After you’ve compiled your list, reach out to Melnic to see who we know and how we can connect you to the top employers or jobs on your list.

Automate Your Job Alerts

The Melnic job boards offer job alerts sent directly to your email. Select your role, department, and location, then review matching opportunities in your inbox. Save yourself the time and hassle of regularly checking multiple sites. Instead, set up a Melnic Profile with your search criteria and the jobs will come to you.

Network in Person

Professional events are a great way to make connections and learn about possible employers, roles, and environment. Plan to attend a few events hosted by professional associations like NAPNAP, AAPA or AANP. Join a special interest group to learn more about specific roles and utilization of NPs and PAs.

Focus on Face-Time

Your professional contacts can help with leads, so reach out to a few trusted friends and advisers and let them know that you’re on the job hunt. If you know someone who works in the position you’re shooting for, you can also meet to learn more about the role, scope, utilization, and nuances of the employer. A good conversation with someone “in-the-know” can give you valuable insight.

Reach out to a Recruiter

Consider working with Melnic Consulting Group. We have information about nurse practitioner and physician assistant jobs that isn’t publicly available and you can review our database for positions that fit your qualifications. While most recruiters charge applicants who use their companies for their job searches, we do not charge a fee to job seekers who use our services. We offer support services like resume review and interview coaching, also at no charge.

Applying these job search strategies to PNP, NP, CNS, CRNA, Midwife, and PA job hunts can help you land the right job, leading to a more rewarding and satisfying career. Let Melnic help you make your goal a reality. Search our amazing job opportunities nationwide.