Sample PNP Cover Letter for Job Seekers

Sample Cover Letter

Download Melnic Sample Cover Letter- Stand Out as a Prospective Candidate!

Cover letters are important. A cover letter gives you the opportunity to Download Melnic Sample Cover Letter- Stand Out as a Prospective Candidate!create a personal connection with the hiring authority.  Keep in mind, CONNECTION is more important than promotion. Your resume should be your clear roadmap to why you are qualified for the job.  Your Cover Letter is your opportunity to share why you believe the employer and the job opportunity is something you are passionate about and then how your experience aligns with the needs of the job.

  • Do your research and come up with 2-3 reasons, based on the employer website, why you are passionate and excited about the opportunity
  • Connect with the job, read the job description carefully and identify 2-3 components of the job that align with your skills and experience
  • Close with a 2-3 line connection focused on why you are interested in the job and in the next steps in the hiring process. 

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