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Reasons to Work with a Recruiter for NP and PA Job Searches

You may want to work with a recruiter to find your next job, if you’re a nurse practitioner or physician assistant.

Recruiter meeting with candidate
Gain an edge in your job search by partnering with a reputable recruiter.

The demand for skilled, well-qualified Advanced Practice providers is growing. If you’re searching for your dream job as a physician assistant (PA) or nurse practitioner (NP), you may want to work with a recruiter.

Hospitals and clinics across the country are searching out strong nurse practitioner and physician assistant leaders. To fill critical nursing and clinical positions, they often turn to professional search firms. Because the search firm is hired by the employer, job search services are almost always free to candidates. It’s true that search firms don’t help everyone. But for clinical professionals who are career-focused, building a relationship with a recruiter might be a good idea.

To save time…

Reviewing job boards and completing applications can take hours each day. If you’re working full-time or taking classes, it can feel nearly impossible to keep up.

A good search firm can relieve the burden of your job search. In many cases, you can set up a customized job alert by email. These firms will also assign a recruiter to work on your behalf. He or she will review your qualifications and seek out positions that match your search criteria. When your recruiter feels that you’re well-suited to a job, they will personally contact you.

To get pre-qualified for positions…

Search firms work closely with top employers, so they understand the current job market and what skills and qualifications are in demand. A good recruiter will only recommend job opportunities that align with your career path. In addition, your recruiter may know about positions that aren’t publicly available. This connection can help you have the inside-track and give you an advantage over other applicants.

To receive valuable feedback…

Search firms interact with job seekers across the nation, so recruiters have seen the best (and the worst) ways that candidates present themselves. Your recruiter is a valuable source of tips on improving your resume or preparing for an interview. When you do receive a job offer, your recruiter can also help you negotiate your compensation package. He or she wants it to be a good match for you and for your new employer.

To evaluate opportunities nationwide…

Job searching from a distance can be difficult. If you’re open to moving for your next position, a well-connected search firm can help you locate opportunities at some of the leading hospitals across the country.

Before you work with a recruiter, make sure that the firm can help with your specialized area of career focus. Most offer job postings on their websites, so do a quick search and see if the positions listed appeal to you. You can also do additional research, or call the firm to learn more about how they balance the needs of both employers and candidates along the job search process. By introducing yourself to the right search firm, you could gain an ally for your career journey.

…Consider Melnic Consulting Group

At Melnic Consulting Group, we focus exclusively on helping nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and physician assistants find rewarding jobs in their areas of specialty. Our clients include top children’s hospitals and pediatric facilities nationwide.

If you’d like to learn more about working with us, please contact us or sign-up for job alerts. We are known for our integrity and professionalism as we seek to build lifelong relationships that serve both our clients and our candidates.