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Learn What Others Earn: The 2016 Melnic Advanced Practice Salary Guide

Posted on December 14, 2017   |   by   |   Job Seekers, Salary for APRNs and PAs

Our newly-released salary guide gives you compensation benchmarks reported by nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, and Advanced Practice Leaders across the country!

Melnic Salary Guide Cover
Take our 2017 Salary Survey, to receive our most recent comprehensive Advanced Practice Salary Guide!

We’re thrilled to announce that the 2016 Melnic Advanced Practice Salary Guide is now available. With enhanced data points, side-by-side comparisons, and expert analysis, it’s our most robust salary report to date. If you’re a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, clinical nurse specialist, or Advanced Practice Leader, the information in this guide can help you negotiate your salary, compare benefits, and assess your future earning potential.

Get Answers to Your Pressing Advanced Practice Salary Questions

It’s no secret that Advanced Practice salaries are commensurate with education and experience. But, those aren’t the only variables affecting your compensation package. We help answer the questions asked most often by the Advanced Practice Providers we serve.

  • What are the most common benefits that APPs receive?

Over 90% of survey respondents report that they receive paid vacation and retirement contributions, but other benefits like bonuses and protected time are less common.

  • Is my salary competitive for my role and level of experience?

We break down salary averages for entry level through experienced providers in eight Advanced Practice roles: NP, PA, CNS, FNP, AC-NP, PNP-AC, PNP-PC, NNP, and PA.

  • Would I be earning more if I lived in a different part of the United States?

Our guide explains how salaries vary across the nation. We explain why the highest salaries are in the West, but how relocating to the Southeast might be your best opportunity to boost your standard-of-living.

  • Are Advanced Practice salaries higher in academic medical centers?

Our salary averages trend higher for Advanced Practice Providers who work in academic medical centers. Learn why we believe these results have less to do with the environment, and more to do with differences in organizational culture.

  • How financially rewarding are Advanced Practice Leadership positions?

Healthcare systems across the country are moving toward Advanced Practice staffing models, leading to an increase in AP Leader, AP Manager, and AP Director roles. We show you the salary averages that go along with these emerging career opportunities.

If you’re an APRN, PA, or Advanced Practice Leader, we want you to benefit from the 2016 Melnic Advanced Practice Salary Survey today!

Help Us Make the 2017 Advanced Practice Salary Guide Even Better

To get this great career resource, we invite you to take part in our confidential 2017 salary survey.  Just a few minutes of your time will ensure that we can continue to provide this salary report to you each year. When you finish the survey, we’ll send a link to the 2016 Advanced Practice Salary guide by email.

Take the 2017 Melnic Salary Survey

Job Satisfaction is More than Just a Great Salary

When looking for a new job, financial rewards are important. But, a truly satisfying job will also support your career development, allow you to practice to the full extent of your capabilities, and help you achieve your desired quality-of-life.

Melnic is a nationwide search firm focused on Advanced Practice placements for APRNs and PAs. To take advantage of our specialized job matching services review our current job opportunities and create your free Melnic Profile.  The best part? There is never a fee for candidates to work with us!

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