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Savor Summer Days with the Melnic Team

Posted on July 6, 2018   |   by   |   Job Seekers, Well Being

It’s July and we plan to spend a little more time surfing at the beach, and a little less time surfing online. Join us as we take a well-being break! 

All this month, we’ll be sharing ways to relax and restore your body, mind, and spirit. This week, we asked our team how they squeeze the most zest out of a summer day. What would you add? Leave us a comment!

Leave the Car in Park

Christina Boland Headshot
Christina Boland

Christina, Recruitment Manager
“If at all possible, I avoid going places in the car. We walk, bike, or take our scooters to the beach, pool, and park. This helps us slow down and enjoy the trip. Plus, it helps us be more active as a family.  

Another thing I love to do is watch the sun rise and set. Starting my day with a sunrise motivates me, and ending my day with a beautiful sunset is relaxing.”

Explore Your Own Backyard

Audrey Branch Headshot
Audrey Branch

Audrey, Talent Associate
“I agree with Christina. As a family, we take walks on the beach after dinner and are always looking for new adventures. In your own neighborhood, there might be places you’ve never been. We visited a nearby nature park yesterday. My kids loved it!”


Eat Farm-Fresh Produce

Dodie Sampson Headshot
Dodie Sampson

Dodie, Marketing Specialist
My favorite thing to do on the weekend is to visit one of the many wonderful farmers markets here in Austin. There is an endless array of fresh fruits and veggies, along with cheeses, meats, fish, jellies, and salsas (of course!). The local specialties are great, like our breakfast tacos, gourmet popsicles, music from some of the “Keep Austin Weird” musicians, and plenty of samples from the farming families that bring their harvested crops to sell.”

Try New Things

Jill Gilliland Headshot
Jill Gilliland, Melnic President

Jill, President & CEO
I love to get outdoors! Just recently, my family and I rented electric bikes and went for a 30-mile ride through Sonoma wine country. It was beautiful and we had a blast. If you get the opportunity, try it! You can really go much further on an electric bike than you’d ever expect.




Liz Krupka

Liz, Digital Marketing Specialist
“Summer is the best time to try new activities. I tried kayaking for the first time last summer and discovered a new whole-body workout! Trying new things is a way to expand your horizons, meet some new people, and see what you like.”




Schedule Time to Enjoy the Season

Sharla Jepkes Headshot
Sharla Jepkes

Sharla, Candidate Manager
“Summer goes by way too fast. I’ve learned to make time to do the things I love. For example, I NEED to exercise, and I LOVE to spend time with friends. So I always schedule exercise dates, so my friends and I can hike or go to the gym and catch up on life at the same time!”


Advance Your Career with Melnic

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