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The Melnic@DirectShifts APP 2021 Salary Guide is Here!

Posted on May 19, 2021   |   by   |   Employers, Job Seekers, Negotiations for NPs and PAs, New Grads, Salary for APRNs and PAs

The 2021 Salary Guide for APPs is Waiting for you!

PAs, NPs, RNs, CRNAs, and CNS get the latest salary guide. Get answers from the APP 2021 Salary Guide to questions such as, “Why did the average APP salaries declined for new graduates.” The simple answer is COVID. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, “About 40 percent of respondents reported decreases to their overall income, and 31 percent reported decreases in hours worked.” For Acute Care PNPs (ACPNPs) Salaries decreased for more experienced NPs, that is most likely attributed to the number of hospitals that did not provide a salary increase. In particular for this role,
children’s hospitals were hit hard, loosing as much as $40 million a month during
the height of COVID.

Additional reflections on the results include, Primary care NPs are catching up to Acute Care NPs in salary. We did not see an increase in bonus plans, which means that salaries are going up for primary care.

Additionally, PA newer provider salaries fell. Due of the large number of furloughed
providers, this is not surprising. PA average salaries remain higher than most of
the NP salaries, with the exception of CRNA and PMHNPs. One of the primary reasons PA salaries are higher overall than NPs is because their averages include the work of PA First Assists.  PA First Assist providers are important when it comes to surgery but a lower cost alternative to physicians.  There they continue to receive substantial annual increases  despite operating room shut downs. Many hospitals recognized that they needed to get the ORs open quickly, therefore continuing to employ and provide increases were in their best interest to keep this valuable workforce.

The APP salary data revealed that the average APP salary is $120,000.  It is important to consider role, setting, location, years of experience, and specialty when comparing salaries. the Melnic@DirectShifts APP and RN salary guide represent Central United States.  Salaries in Southern California, Seattle, and New York are approximately 22% higher, Northern California is approximately 40% higher, and the North East and South  East are approximately 8% lower than the survey.

Click here to fill out the new survey and receive the most recent salary Guide with valuable salary data!

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