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Three Secrets to NP & PA Job Satisfaction in 2018

Posted on January 26, 2018   |   by   |   Job Seekers, Professional Development, Well Being, Work Environment

It’s 2018, and NP and PA roles top the list of the year’s best careers. But if your job satisfaction isn’t measuring up, these three secrets can give you a lift.

Last week, U.S News & World Report published a list of the Top 100 Jobs for 2018. Not surprisingly, physician assistant and nurse practitioner ranked third and fourth overall. If you’re an NP or PA, you’ve made the right call for your career! But, there is a downside. NP and PA job satisfaction has to contend with an above-average stress level.

A quick look at the criteria used in the rankings proves what we already know: NPs and PAs enjoy above-average salaries, a low unemployment rate, great job growth, and career advancement opportunities galore. So follow these three secrets for improving your job satisfaction to ensure you have a long, satisfying and fulfilling career.

Steps to a More Fulfilling Work Life

You’re in a great career. You’re good at what you do. And you deserve to be satisfied with your current work environment. If something’s off, these three tips might help you find more joy at your job.

  1. Remember Your Passion

Why did you become a nurse practitioner or physician assistant? Do you love interacting with special patients, such as in pediatrics or women’s health? Maybe you’re charged by the challenge of clinical research or serving as a first-assist in surgery. Remembering the reason you pursued your career path is important. For job satisfaction, your current role needs to align with your “why.”

2. Access Autonomy 

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are most satisfied when they can practice to the fullest scope of their education and training. Is your current level of practice satisfying, or do you find it stifling?

To get to the bottom of the issue, start by understanding the scope of practice permitted in your state. Then determine if there are practice restrictions in your hospital by-laws. It’s difficult to change policy. But, there are things you can do to gain more autonomy in your role and job responsibilities.

3. Seek Support

Good support is crucial for NP and PA job satisfaction. Advanced Practice professionals who have a work environment where they feel respected and valued are happier and more fulfilled. Do you feel respected and appreciated at work? If it seems like your work environment is negative, learn to recognize a healthy work environment when you see one.

A satisfying and fulfilling career is possible. With clarity on your why, knowledge about your scope of practice, and insight into your work environment, you’ll be able to tell if a job feels right to you.

Your Best Career in 2018

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