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Three Ways to Earn a Bonus as an NP or PA in 2019

Posted on April 4, 2019   |   by   |   Advanced Practice Structure, Employers, Job Seekers, New Grads, Salary for APRNs and PAs

We predict that more APRNs and PAs will get merit-based bonuses this year. Here’s how to make that true for you.

Many nurse practitioners and physician assistants are hoping for a big raise in 2019. If you’re one of them, our new 2019 Melnic Advanced Practice Salary Guide has some good news and some not-so-good news for you. Short story? This might be the year to focus on earning a bonus instead.

Melnic Advanced Practice Salary Guide 2019 Cover Graphic
For the inside track on NP and PA bonuses, download our free Salary Guide!

In 2019, Advanced Practice Providers are in high demand. Unfortunately, demand does not necessarily equate to significant salary growth for NPs and PAs. Over the last several years, we’ve reported average annual increases somewhere around 2-3%.

Why are salaries falling short? Hospitals and clinics are under constant pressure to control costs, improve care, and watch out for the bottom line. In this environment, Advanced Practice Providers are being recognized for the significant value they create. However, if APRNs and PAs are going to earn what they’re worth, these roles must generate measurable revenue for the organization.

In the months and years ahead, watch as more organizations shift to incentive models and bonus structures to compensate their APPs. If you’re an APP, this is actually good news. You can increase your earning power in this new environment!

Three Ways to Earn a Merit-Based Bonus this Year

  1. Know Your Value and Communicate It
  2. Improve Your Coding and Charting Abilities
  3. Bill for Your Services Whenever Possible

Learn these strategies in our latest 2019 Melnic Advanced Practice Salary Guide. It’s a free download when you participate in this year’s anonymous salary survey.

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Job Satisfaction is More than Just a Great Salary

When looking for a new job, financial rewards are important. But, a truly satisfying job will also support your career development, allow you to practice to the full extent of your capabilities, and help you achieve your desired quality-of-life.

Melnic is a nationwide search firm focused on Advanced Practice placements for APRNs and PAs. To take advantage of our specialized job matching services review our current job opportunities and join the Melnic network. The best part? There is never a fee for candidates to work with us!

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