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Top 3 Reasons for Advanced Practice Leaders to Attend a Leadership Development Program

Posted on May 10, 2019   |   by   |   Advanced Practice Structure, Employers, Job Seekers, Leadership Skills APPs, Professional Development

A new Post-Graduate Certificate Program from the University of Iowa could put NPs and PAs on a fast-track to a promising career in Advanced Practice Leadership. Here are three reasons why programs like this are so important.

The high demand for recruiting Advanced Practice Providers is increasing the demand for APP Leaders

Did you know that Advanced Practice Providers (APRNs and PAs) are among the top 4 fastest growing professions in the US, with an estimated growth rate of 31% over the next decade? Along with this growth comes a high demand for qualified Advanced Practice Leaders.

New leadership roles increase the need for APPs with the leadership skills to grow programs and build processes

In healthcare organizations across the country, APRNs and PAs are stepping into key leadership roles across the spectrum of patient care. These advanced practice leader job titles include Director of Advanced Practice, Senior Director, and Chief Advanced Practice Officer.

Investing in new skills such as leadership development, budgeting, process building, strategy, and negotiation, can provide a framework to build programs and processes more efficiently. Additionally learning new leadership skills can help leaders manage and train their direct reports to increase opportunities for program development.

Just recently, the University of Iowa College of Nursing announced a new Post Graduate Health Systems/Administration Certificate Program Focusing on Advanced Practice Providers (APPs). This program provides comprehensive education on how to successfully integrate APPs into health care systems through leadership, strategic planning, and vision. Program topics include APP leadership models, credentialing and privileging, competency assessment, billing and reimbursement, and various metrics to demonstrate value.

It is worth noting that this is a one of a kind program. It has been specifically developed to meet the growing demand for the leadership of Advanced Practice Providers (APPS), nurse practitioners, certified respiratory nurse anesthetists, and physician assistants.

We encourage any APP leader who is new to their role, wants to develop leadership skills, and is ready to engage with a cohort of peers to consider the University of Iowa Post Graduate Health Systems/Administration Certificate Program.

Networking and collaboration between Advanced Practice Leaders accelerates innovation

Employers also will recognize the value of investing in human capital and appreciate how programs like this equip their practitioners to accomplish the goals of the organization. Collaboration between APP leaders accelerates innovation through the sharing of solutions and ideation around common goals. Savvy organizations will support this type of continuing education because it also demonstrates to their APPs that the organization aligns with matters most to them.  


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