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Top Nurse Leader Jobs for Managers and Directors

Posted on August 25, 2017   |   by   |   Job Seekers, Melnic Jobs

Do colleagues and patients always look to you for guidance and advice? Maybe it’s time to step up your career as a Nurse Leader.

If you’re a skilled nurse with good communication and management skills, consider moving up to a formal nurse leader role. There is no limit to your career potential if you’re willing to embrace greater responsibilities and professional challenges. Nurse leaders enjoy more recognition, financial gain, and greater job satisfaction as they make a difference in colleagues’ and patients’ lives.

Most organizations have several positions for nurse leaders, including vice president, director, manager, and charge nurse. In many cases, a Master’s degree in nursing is required for manager, director, and vice president roles. However, other factors, such as experience within the unit, progressive nursing leadership, and continuing education can qualify a nurse for a formal leadership position.

Nurse Leader Roles and Areas of Focus

Job responsibilities vary depending on the role of the nurse leader. For example, nurse educators focus on staff development and ensure appropriate credentialing and ongoing education for the nursing staff. Nurse managers typically oversee staffing, handle conflict resolution, and manage initiatives that advance the quality of care within the unit. Nursing directors and vice presidents focus on unit oversight, process improvement, innovation, and long-range organizational goals.

Resources to Advance Your Career as a Nurse Leader

Advancing into leadership roles can be a satisfying career path for many nurses. If this interests you, there are many resources available through the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) to assist in your professional development.

Top Nurse Leader Jobs for Managers and Directors

Our Melnic jobs board has listings for Nurse Directors, Nurse Educators, and Nurse Managers. If you are a nurse manager or director who is considering a change, we welcome the chance to help you find your dream job!

This week we are featuring some of our Nurse Leader positions.

  • Nemours Children’s Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware has a position for a First Assist Nurse Manager in the OR. This position is responsible for the planning, development, and utilization of human and material resources to ensure seamless patient care in the cardiac surgical center.
  • Nemours Children’s Hospital is also hiring for a Nursing Director who will be responsible for all nursing functions, duties, and responsibilities within the Cardiac Center.
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has a great, full-time Nurse Director position to oversee the day-to-day functioning and management of cardiac units in the hospital. The hospital is also looking for a Nurse Director to manage the clinical practice of Critical Nursing in the PICU, Progressive Care, and Transport units.

Review our entire list of jobs for Nurse Directors, Nurse Educators, and Nurse Managers, then contact us today!

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