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Two Great Reasons to Attend an Advanced Practice Conference this Year

Posted on February 7, 2017   |   by   |   Conferences, Job Seekers

There are many benefits to attending an advanced practice conference. But, in our opinion, the top two are career development and networking with your peers.

Healthcare is a demanding field, and getting time away from your hospital or clinic can be challenging. It’s not surprising that many nurse practitioners and physician assistants wonder if the time and expense of attending a conference are worth it.

In fact, conferences are great for personal and professional development. Read on as we convince you to add one to your calendar in 2017!

An advanced practice conference can fast-track your career development

Professional conferences aggregate information on state-of-the-industry trends and pressing healthcare issues. You can be confident that you’re learning from thought leaders at the top of the profession. The value of attending workshops, panel discussions, and continuing medical education courses is hard to replicate through online courses or local events.

Being informed is especially important for NPs and PAs. Many Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) are in positions of leadership or guiding multi-functional teams. Increasingly, hospitals across the nation are recognizing the important role of APPs, and instituting an Advanced Practice Leadership Structure. As this trend continues, advancement opportunities for NPs and PAs will surge. Employers will be looking for you, especially if you’re well-prepared and well-informed!

And, don’t overlook the value to your current employer.  Most employers offer continuing education funds to employees, ranging from $500 to $5,000 annually. So, attending that conference could be less expensive than you thought.

A conference is great for connecting and learning from your peers

But what if you looked at the pre-conference agenda, and just don’t see anything to get excited about? In that case, we say, see it as an opportunity to connect with your peers. You may learn more than you’d ever expect through casual conversations with health professionals from different practice areas and cities across the nation.

Professional conferences are also packed with positive energy! Celebrate the accomplishments of others as they win awards for achievement. Listen to great keynote speaker and feel a surge of pride in your profession. Attending that conference just may renew your calling and give you momentum to approach your career in innovative ways.

Oh, and don’t forget to have a little fun!

There’s no rule that says that advanced practice conferences need to be all work and no play! Visit a new and exciting destination.  Spend an afternoon at a museum or a sporting event. Have breakfast by the beach. Meet new friends for a cocktail at the hotel’s rooftop bar. Before you go, look at TripAdvisor and consider adding an extra day to your trip, just for some R&R. You’ve certainly earned it!

For a list of Professional Associations for Advanced Practice Providers, click here. We’d love to see you out at these great events. Visit our conference calendar to see where we’ll be next.

Looking for your next physician assistant or nurse practitioner position? Let Melnic help you make your goal a reality. Contact us today about our amazing job opportunities nationwide.


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